Guidelines for authors

The Hrvatski geografski glasnik/Croatian Geographical Bulletin is a scientific journal that publishes the results of original theoretical and empirical geographical research, reviews from all geographic disciplines, spatially oriented papers from geosciences and other related scientific disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary papers. The journal particularly welcomes papers focused on spatial issues in Croatia, Central, Southern and South-Eastern Europe, as well as papers that present the results of previous research and themes published in the Hrvatski geografski glasnik/Croatian Geographical Bulletin. The journal is issued twice a year. Each submitted manuscript is reviewed by two peer-reviewers.

Papers are classified to the following categories according to the reviewers’ suggestion:

  • Original scientific paper presents the results of research that were not previously published. The results have to be presented in a way that allows their verification. After the paper has been accepted the author is not allowed to publish the same results in other scientific journals.
  • Preliminary communication presents new results of research that require quick publishing. It does not have to allow their verification.
  • Review is original, condensed and complete review of a research or its part in which the author has actively contributed. The category of the paper is labelled in the header. If the reviewers propose different category of the paper, the Editorial Board and the Editor-in-Chief make the final decision on the category.

Contributions and book reviews. Contributions and book reviews are published in special, regular or occasional sections of the journal and they are not reviewed.

Preparation of the manuscript. A manuscript is submitted in English, and, if possible, in Croatian. The target length of the paper is 7000 words, including abstract, tables, figures and references. Shorter papers are welcome. The text should be written using the Times New Roman font, size 12, spacing 1.5. In the case of a longer manuscript the authors are requested to contact the Editorial Board before the submission.

Editing of the manuscript. The manuscript should be edited according to the last issue of the Hrvatski geografski glasnik/Croatian Geographical Bulletin. The manuscript has to contain an abstract and key words. The abstract (maximum 150 words) comprises  eneral issues of the paper. Key words (5-6 words) enable finding the paper in secondary publications. The paper has to be written in the briefest possible way. The text should be clear, condensed, grammatically correct and written in the third person. The paper ought to be divided into the following chapters: introduction (object and aim of the research, review of the previous research and research methods), theoretical framework, research results, discussion (comparison of the author’s findings with previous results) and conclusion. Footnotes should be placed in the text on the bottom of the page.

All tables and figures ought to be placed into the text (MS Word document). The title of the table in the text has to be placed above the table containing the abbreviation Tab., the consecutive number of the table in the paper and a short informative title (e.g. Tab. 1 In-migrant population in Zagreb and its surroundings in 1991). The source should be written below the table.

Figures have to be made in the black-and-white technique, if possible. Authors have to send each figure separately in tiff, jpeg, eps or pdf format in the resolution of 300 or more dpi (adjusted to the maximum width of 150 mm and maximum length of 200 mm). Papers with regional themes inevitably have to contain an orientation map with all geographical names mentioned in the text. The title of the figure has to be placed below the figure containing the abbreviation Fig., the consecutive number of the figure in the paper and a short informative title in text (e.g. Fig. 1 Gravitation regions of large cultural centres).

Citing literature and sources. Literature should be cited according to the Harvard citation style. The literature is cited in the text using the author’s surname and the year of publishing. If the citation includes direct quotation, the specific page of the source has to be added to the reference, e.g. (Friganović 1991, 26). If the cited reference has two authors, both surnames are listed, along with the year of publication, e.g. (Nejašmić and Bašić, 2005). If the cited reference has three or more authors, the surname of the first one and the abbreviation “et al.” are listed in the text (e.g. Friganović et al., 1995). The reference in the section References has to contain all the authors. If several papers of the same author or of the same group of authors are cited, the following forms are used: e.g. Nejašmić (2005; 2007) or Friganović et al. (1995; 2000). If several papers of the same author or of the group of authors published in the same year are cited, the year of publishing is accompanied by a letter in the alphabetical order (e.g. 1999a; 1999b). If several papers are cited in continuity they should be separated by a semicolon (Friganović, 1991; Nejašmić and Bašić, 2005). Multiple references of different cited authors should be in chronological order (Russo and Van den Borg, 2008; Williams, 2009; Bočić et al., 2014). All references cited in the text are listed in the end of the paper in the section References. The references have to be listed by the alphabetical order of authors and by the chronological order of all papers of the same author. Capitalization in the title of papers, journals, books and proceedings should be done in the same way as in the original publications. Title of papers that were originally published bilingually should be written in both languages. The title in the priority language should be placed first and the title in the second language comes in the second place. The titles of books, proceedings, journals and publications should be written in Italics. If a publication has a DOI, it should be added in the end of the reference in the list of references.

Examples of citing literature and sources in the text and in the References are listed in the table in this document.

References of documents or web pages of web portals, institutions etc. are cited in the text using name of the institution or company and the year of publishing. Internet sources in the section References are listed using the name of the institution, company or publisher, year of publishing (if it is available), full title of the publication, and accession date. The title of publications and institutions have to be listed in the original language and in English, placing English in the first place. Sources published only in English are usually not translated.

Submitting the manuscript. The Editorial Board accepts manuscripts all year-round. The manuscript (containing all tables and figures) has to be sent in the MS Word file to the Croatian Geographical Bulletin – Open Journal Systems URL: Authors will need to register or login to make a submission and upload files. Beside the manuscript the authors have to send each figure separately in a format suitable for press (tiff, jpeg, eps or pdf in the resolution of 300 or more dpi). The authors are kindly requested to prepare the manuscript, tables and figures according the Guidelines for authors in order the papers can be sent to the peer-review after the technical and graphical check. The author(s) should attach a separate MS Word file containing: name, surname, academic title and full address of the affiliation of all authors, as well as the e-mail addresses of all authors.

Final notes. All authors of the scientific papers receive the pdf version of the paper and one issue of the journal in which their paper has been published. Manuscripts and peer-reviews are not charged. The Editorial Board, Editor-in-Chief and technical editor reserve the right to apply minor changes in the text, tables and figures.