About the journal

HGG_79_01_NaslovnaThe first issue of Hrvatski geografski glasnik (Croatian Geographical Bulletin) was published in 1929. At the time geography was a subject taught at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. The founder and first Editor-in-Chief was prof. dr. Artur Gavazzi, Head of the Institute for Physical Geography. In the following decade 10 issues of the journal were published. In 1949, after a break of 10 years, academician Josip Roglić revived the journal and renamed it Geografski glasnik (Geographical Bulletin). The journal became a scholarly journal with international reputation. After dr. Roglić, editors-in-chief were prof. dr. Veljko Rogić (1963-1977 and 1980-1984), prof. dr. Dragutin Feletar (1985-1989). In 1990 prof dr. Miroslav Sić became the editor-in-chief. During his mandate an international editorial bord was formed, the overall quality of the journal significantly increased, every paper had to go through at least two anonymous reviews and in 1997 the former name Hrvatski geografski glasnik was returned. In 2003 Hrvatski geografski glasnik became a biannual scholarly journal.

After Professor Miroslav Sić, Editor-in-Chief was Professor Sanja Faivre. One of the most important steps forward achieved in her mandate was the publication of the Hrvatski geografski glasnik (Croatian Geographical Bulletin) in a digitalised version on Hrčak – the portal of the scientific journals of the Republic of Croatia (since 2006) – where all the old back issues of the journal were published. Another achievement during the mandate of Professor Faivre was the inclusion of the Hrvatski geografski glasnik (Croatian Geographical Bulletin) in the renowned international referral bases EBSCO – Academic Search Complete and Scopus. Beside that, the representation of papers in English, along with articles and reviews from abroad, increased during Professor Faivre’s mandate as Editor-in-Chief.